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The Power of Belief



be·lief (noun)

an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.


I went for a run just a few minutes ago; while on my run, I turned the corner at 71st & Sheridan and was immediately facing a middle aged female in a silver suv, who was intently, hidden behind dark sunglasses, giving me the middle finger while approaching the intersection.

What if you could rationally and objectively handle more of life’s difficult moments more effectively? How can you tell when someone is a rational or reasonable thinker and more importantly, can you spot the opposite, when someone seems irrational in the way they behave or does the person you are speaking to only accept an explanation as long as it doesn’t violate what they already believe to be true?

As a west Texas boy from a divorced home, I was very confused by when it was logical to pretend to believe in the supernatural, miraculous, or metaphysical, and when it was appropriate to attribute your experiential emotions or feelings about a situation to your imagination, but this isn’t about supernatural belief, in fact most of what I share is not going to be. I want you to learn reality based, scientific guides to assist you in an applicable way and empower you to

“Be Your Own Hero.”

Therefore, as I have grown, and as you will find from reading or watching my content, I have dedicated myself to finding out what makes humans tick, and in so doing have become kind of an expert in human behavior. Through research into Psychology, Neuroscience, Mentalism, Linguistics, & Slight-of-hand, I have discovered and designed Systems for understanding how to use the effect the POWER OF BELIEF has on all of us in our favor for more positive outcomes, and now you can gain access to these Powerful MindShift Strategies!


As humans, what we believe affects our how we see our circumstances and subsequently, how we behave in response and in anticipation of our situations.


As you read this article, you will begin to notice that beliefs have a funny way of getting into our heads.


Which of these lines are straight?

As you consider which of these lines are straight, consider now what you know to be true about your universe. Do you know how to prove whether the earth is flat or globular? Do you know why the sky appears blue to you? Did you know that your skin never touches anything else EVER? As wild as it sounds, you merely interact with your world through fields of energy. Let me explain, you are always at least 10-8 cm away from the very object that you are using to read this article even if it is in your hands RIGHT NOW.

I KNOW, that sounds wild. . .

take a second to look it up if you doubt me but what we will actually begin to see through this exercise is what a BELIEF does for us and more importantly TO US. In other words, these random thoughts I just shared don’t typically influence much about the way people behave, but what if you found out that the lady in the beginning of my article, who flipped me off, wasn’t flipping me off at all. Would that change the way I felt and acted toward her? How would my belief about what just happened have POWER?

One evening I went to another city to visit a friend of mine, David. Because I was a guest and David wanted to be a gracious host, he had called one of his close acquantances who happened to own several very nice restaurants in the city where we were staying. I was very much enjoying my time with David and could care less where we ate that evening, however, David insisted that this would be an experience that I did not want to miss out on! So, I was super excited about the prospects of a delicious 5 star meal and the wonderful and stimulating conversation that tends to be sparked during such delightful social encounters, but alas all was not Happy in Paradise. The owner, David’s friend had blown him off. He had read and ignored the message from David. As the day’s hours winded down and we began to notice that we were most likely not going to be contacted for our wonderful evening out and would have to fend for ourselves which was a wonderful option for me as I came to visit with David and that would be happening regardless of which eating shack in my opinion, but David was irate.

“How could someone just ignore someone else?!” “What is his problem?” “Couldn’t he just have sent a polite, STANDBY, or let me see what I have?” “Why would he just be so rude?” “You know this is like him, he does stuff like this, and I should have planned ahead.” ” I know, I am going to send him a message to get bent. . .”

Seeing that David had convinced himself of a Belief that he could not possibly know to be true and seeing that he was about to act on that belief, I had no choice but to butt in where I had no business.

“Maybe, he wants to be sure to send a well thought out reply and has not had time.” “Maybe, a family member or close friend was injured and he has been tied up.” “Maybe, he saw it and forgot because he was changing a diaper, and then has to get the milk off the stove or out of the microwave for the baby.” “Maybe, any other option than the one where he is intentionally being a dick. . .”

As I tried to talk sense into David, I could see him furiously pounding away at the keyboard, and just as he was about to hit send, his phone began to buzz in his pocket. The number and caller id for the restaurant owner was clearly and vividly lit up on the device and I shot David a perplexed and surprised look. ‘


“Hello?” Aww man forget it, it’s late; we can find something else. . ”

“No,” came the reply from the restaurant owner, “Tonight, you and your friend will be dining in my 5 Star Restaurant, on the balcony overlooking the night lights of downtown over the river. You will love it. There will be dancing and live music. Your meal is on me this evening my friend and please enjoy drinks and dessert on the house.”


We were mere seconds from eating burgers and now we would be wined and dined and rubbing elbows with the up and comers. What changed? Did our circumstances change suddenly or were all those little variables lining up all along? Just 30 seconds later and David would have ruined a friendship and we would have missed out on an amazing dinner and evening which resulted in several business dealings months later.


THE POWER of BELIEF  is in how we act about our beliefs. If your behavior alienates others, it is coming from a place of beliefs that are contrary to the nature of how things actually are. David had every right to believe that the owner had ignored him and that he was being rude. He was wrong. He still had every right to believe it. His actions concerning his belief is what could have ruined EVERYTHING.

As you have read this artice, have you noticed times in your life when ACTING on your beliefs hurt you or helped you? Which moments in your life were the cause of more positive social interactions, where everyone feels great about having met you and which ones leave you feeling confused as to why you are being “picked on” or “mistreated?” Chances are that if we all viewed our situations and circumstances from a positive perspective and believed that our partners, spouses, children, or friends & colleagues all really wanted good things for us, we would begin to mind read in a way that gives others the benefit of the doubt. After all, wouldn’t you like to be given the benefit of the doubt first?



Remember the lady who shot me a rude and inappropriate gesture at the beginning of the article? She wasn’t flipping me off, shooting me the bird, or telling me to “eff off,” she was eating a QuikTrip breakfast pizza and because it was all happening so fast, the first look appeared one way and quickly revealed itself to be false, and life and all of our relationships are variations of me getting flipped off while on a jog. Don’t believe the first thing your mind tells you about someone else, look at them through eyes of positivity and watch your life become better and brighter and don’t forget to

Be Your Own Hero.




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James is a Human Behavioral Specialist skilled in Linguistics, NLP, Mentalism, & Psychology creating content so YOU WILL “Be your own HERO.” -James Pesch

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So sorry about that I could not get the audio to work. I had forgotten to put in an audio input a mic input, so I am going to hang out for just a few seconds and let everyone join us here. I was supposed to be live at 8:15 a.M. It’s now 8:21, so I was a few minutes. Late I’ll give a few minutes for everybody to come back. We had quite a few people here this morning, so my friend can gary mooney gave me these Arvest cups, back whenever he was a stockbroker for them. Thank you, gary okay.

So the Power of Belief and we are talking today about something that affects all of us, and that is the things that we believe to be true, and this is one of my favorite things to talk about, because there are every single one of us has a belief or beliefs that are affecting our behavior. And if you aren’t aware of those things, then you are incapable of being able to control how those things affect you steven. Welcome you guys. I will be a few more seconds and allow for my audience to come back, because we had a significant number of people who were ready to listen to how this can affect your day-to-day life and this morning, while I was on a job good morning.

“Kathy good morning,”

while I was on a jog, I was turning the corner at 71st and sheridan, and as I was turning the corner and oncoming suv, a woman was drivingbig dark sunglasses on and I mean she was just giving me the finger just got me just coming down. The road I came to corner turn around the corner and I saw her and immediately in my mind, when I saw her giving me the finger I I started laughing, because I knew something that most people might not know, but I knew something that other people wouldn’t know and couldn’t possibly know, and I can’t wait to discuss with you guys, the power of our beliefs and what how they affect us and how they affect the out in our lives.


One night I was out with a friend and he was really excited about. Taking me to dinner and us going out and catching up, because we had not seen each other for a very long time, so he sent a message to one of his friends who happen to own. Several restaurants in the city I was visiting and he asked the friend for recommendation on which restaurant to take me to

“hey good morning jason”

and when i, when I was you know, I was just along for the ride. I was having a great time, and so he was david was interested in making sure that I had an exceptional meal while I was visiting and of course, as we do with friends from time to time, we want to make sure that they enjoy themselves and has a host. We felt obligated to ensure that they have the best time possible, so david send a message to this restaurant owner in it was very early in the day and it’s hard getting around noon, and around 2 and david noticed that the the guy has seen his message, but he, the restaurant owner, had seen his message, but hadn’t responded to him. David was really irritated because he felt like that. They had a really great relationship and so, as the day went on and as it got closer to dinner time, david was getting more and more frustrated, more and more upset, and he just kept saying you know I think I’m, just going tothis guy just tell him to just eat. Crap cuz I’m, just sick of this that you know I wanted you to have a good time. I I had to set up and I basically just said. You know it is possible that maybe he maybe he read it and he wanted to respond-and you know wanted to take his time to respond to sit down and make sure that he had a well-thought-out response and make sure that he really spent time. Because probably he really likes you man and he probably wants to make sure that he’s going to give you a recommendation that you’ll really enjoy. It probably has less to do with the fact that he’s ignoring you know, i, don’t think so. I, don’t think I think that this guy, just like this, just just trust me so the day went on and we were really short sort of coming up to the time whenever it was time to go all the sudden david’s phone buzzed and it was restaurant owner and david pick up the phone. He was like, hey man, don’t worry about it. Now we’re we’re going to find a placehere downtown and the restaurant owner goes “no you’re, not.”

He said I’ve already made all the arrangements for you, you’re going to be dining at my at my five star restaurant I’ve got a table reserved for you. Guys is out on the balcony you’re going to enjoy this going to be great, it’s a whole bunch of sitting out there. We have a live music band, going to be playing and they’re going to come in and play you guys whenever you’d like to hear whatever you know, we really got it all set up for you. Your dessert, everything’s taken care of david just said man, I I am tirely, thought you ignored me. Man i, am so sorry and ignored. You know I needed to make sure that we didn’t have all of those tables reserved if it wasn’t going to be that restaurant I was going to get you at my other restaurant I wanted to get you at this one, because it’s my bestthe evening was amazing. We had a great time if david had sent the message that he wanted to send earlier in the day based upon his beliefs.

Our lives would have gone entirely different back to my initial story. Whenever I was coming up to the intersection, I knew that that lady was not flipping me off. I knew that it looked that way, but that’s not at all what could be happening. So, as I came around the corner, I looked I saw it I laughed and then I looked closer and, of course she was eating a quick trip, breakfast pizza, and it just would by the way she was that she was flipping me off every moment of your day, offers you an opportunity to form beliefs about the circumstances. The relationships in the situations that you find yourself in it is entirely up to you how you are going to let that perception affect your behavior. You do not have to act according to the first emotional response that you have and if my friend david had done so we wouldn’t have got to enjoy that wonderful meal. We wouldn’t have got to have that interesting conversation with the people at the table. Next to us and set up the rest of our week. We actually ended up having a few business deals at week and in another city all because of the people we met during that interaction and I’m here, to tell you that the power of your belief lies in how you let it affect you if you believe that more things that happen in your life are an opportunity for good things. If you believe relationships are actually people wanting good things for you, then you will start to see and notice that you’re able to do more good things for others and you’re able to allow those opportunities to have more of an impact in your personal life.

Take this today. This lesson apply it to your own life and see how the power of your belief starts to positively affect more of your outcomes in your day today, interactions with others and don’t forget guys to be your own hero, I’m excited for you and if you need any help with viewing your life and your potential circumstances in a more positive light. Please reach out to me because the power of our beliefs is that affect our behavior and our behavior affect how a opportunity comes, our way, be your own hero and have a wonderful tuesday!

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