Corporate Training


Is your small group, corporation, organization, or club in need of specific skills that will help regain control and become more successful? Whether you need help with business skills, personal development, wellness, or behavior modification, I have a workshop that can help your members achieve greater success.


These 1-Day Group Workshops are designed for groups with 15-500 Attendees and costs vary per attendee.

PLUS: For a small additional fee, each attendee will also receive a free introductory copy of my Science to Success™ curriculum which is a $250 value.


You can choose from one of the following topics as the primary focus of your Corporate Training Workshop:

  1. Closing Sales: How to Increase
  2. Romance & Relationships: Human Connection
  3. Habits & How to Destroy them
  4. Behaviors, Change them FAST+EASY
  5. Substances: Eliminating Addiction
  6. Confidence: Building Boldness
  7. Goals: Creating & Achieving Effectively
  8. Memory
  9. Mind Reading, Mentalism, & Stage Hypnosis
  10. Art of Teaching
  11. Kinesthetic Anchoring & Emotional Bonding
  12. Passion & Purpose
  13. Who am I?
  14. Nutrition & Diet: Gain Instant Control
  15. Exercise: Creating Desire to Do


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