Corporate Training

Is your small group, corporation, organization, or club in need of specific skills that will help regain control and become more successful? Whether you need help with business skills, personal development, wellness, or behavior modification, I have a workshop that can help your members achieve greater success.

Corporate Consulting
Communication Sales Workshop NLP Jame Pesch Tulsa 36 Degrees North

Communication & Sales Workshops

Are you in a Sales, Customer Service, or Therapeutic Profession? Hire me for Powerful + FUN linguistic training. Each Workshop or Seminar is a journey through the mind as I help attendees understand how to utilize Linguistics, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuro-linguistic Programming to help destroy doubt, build more confidence, and achieve goals. If you want to learn more about NLP for Professional & Personal Applications, then reach out to me NOW. 


This foundational exercise is guaranteed to help you gain clarity and understanding of your goals
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