Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for something more than just a "motivational speaker" or a "career coach" to wow your audience? Other people have said that my curriculum is not "fluff and bull". I will challenge your audience and show them proven scientific methods to become aware of how they think, process, and communicate every day.

Using vivid and powerful techniques I will teach your audience practical applications on how to improve their interactions with others? Do they need help with personalized goal setting and accountability? No matter what industry you are in, your audience will learn tools and skills to add to their daily life that they didn't even know existed within them!


My keynote speaking fee is $5,000 plus travel expenses.


My 45-90 minute dynamic keynotes can be on any of these topics:

  1. Sales: Instantly Increase Closing Rates
  2. Romance & Relationships
  3. Habits & How to Destroy them
  4. Deception: How to Spot & Use it with integrity
  5. Behaviors, Change them FAST+EASY
  6. Substances: Eliminating Addiction
  7. Confidence: Building Boldness
  8. Goals: Creating & Achieving Effectively
  9. Memory
  10. Mind Reading, Mentalism, & Stage Hypnosis
  11. The lost Art of Teaching
  12. Kinesthetic Anchoring & Emotional Bonding (11+12 are Sister Workshops)
  13. Passion & Purpose
  14. Who am I?
  15. Nutrition & Diet: Gain Instant Control
  16. Exercise: Creating Desire to Do
  17. Remove Past & Trauma

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