Do you need help shaping a successful company or group? I can help your organization whether you are just starting out or you need to optimize an existing company for success.

My basic corporate consulting program begins with an intensive 1-Day Bootcamp with you and your key employees to better understand your vision and needs. From there, we will work together to develop the following deliverables:

  • Sales Manual ($749.99 value)
  • Operating Manual ($999.99 value)
  • Human Resources Manual ($749.99 value)
  • Communication Training Manual ($749.99 value)


This Intellectual Co-Branding package is designed to help your business create a strong foundation. The cost for this basic program is $1499.99 and takes about 90 days to deliver.

Group Workshops - Add On

When you invest in this package, you have the opportunity to add a Group Workshop to this package at a discount.

These 1-Day Group Workshops are designed for groups with 3-20 Attendees and cost $649.99 when you add it to your corporate consulting package. You can add additional members for an additional charge of $15 each with a limit of up to 100 members.

PLUS: Each attendee will also receive a free introductory copy of my Science to Success™ curriculum which is a $250 value.

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Are you looking for something more long term?

My Affiliate Partnership Program is my premier package that combines the best of everything I have to offer. This program is designed to ensure that your day to day operations run smoothly.

This annual retainer program includes my Intellectual Co-Branding Package above plus:

  • Monthly Group Sessions ($649.99 per month value)
  • On-Call Executive Coaching ($349.99 per month value)


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