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Living Like a Champion




What about the next day? Have you ever wondered? I often find myself fumbling for words as I wonder to myself what one does after winning. What about the next day after Muhammad Ali had won the Title, NOW what? I spent my life often wondering what someone would do if and when they became a Champion. What would they do next? How many wins is enough? Then, in November of 2010, I got my chance to learn the truth about what it means to

Live Like a Champion, and let me tell you, the secret is to “follow the pattern.”


That year, 2010, my wife Jessica and I, using my skills in Human Persuasion and her Administrative talent, sky rocketed to the top of the performance charts for Lindsey Management. As Community Directors, and myself running the Pro Shop Management Team, were supervising and maintaining a beautiful upscale, luxury apartment community in Bentonville Arkansas; Bentonville as many people know is Home of Walmart Corporate Headquarters and pretty much the most competitive housing market in the Midwest.  I would love to tell you that when it came time to decide who the managers of the Year trophy would be awarded to that it would be the first year managers from Oklahoma themselves, but We LOST.

I went to work on Monday holding my 1st Place Loser Plaque that clearly read FIRST RUNNER UP. Second place, what the hell is that even?

So, I went to work crunching the numbers, I called the Brett at the Home office and demanded that we go over numbers. You see, although we were very well liked, this is a numbers game award. If you make the company the most amount of money per unit by the end of the year, you win. After, about an hour, I had combed the numbers and seen where I missed the mark. There would be no second place next year.


What about the next day? Have you ever wondered? After a devastating loss, what do you do now? I woke up, I focused on

  • What the WINNER did RIGHT, not what I had done wrong
  • What I have to do to beat the WINNER
  • I did it

For the next year, we met with our sales team once a week, I bought pizza and we pretended to take phone calls. My maintenance team all took notes and videos anytime we needed to call out a vendor for a repair and THEN did every repair or remodel using in-house employees. I networked and lowered my pricing for flooring and for common replacement parts, and in November of 2011, Jessica and I won

Manager of the Year.



What about the next day? Have you ever wondered? I woke up, I focused on


  • What the WINNER did RIGHT, not what I had done wrong
  • What I have to do to beat the WINNER

That next year, we won Executive Suites Managers of the Year, and President’s Award. We left the company after accepting almost every major award the company offers. My time with Lindsey Management taught me the value of seeing a pattern and following it when it works and ditching it when it fails.

Here are my top 3 Things to do Daily to Live Like a Champion

  1. Follow a Routine

    1. I figured out that if I set my mental state, first thing in the morning, that I seemed to have a unique and instinctive capacity to deal with more of life’s issues more easily, so here is what I do everyday:
    2. Wake up
    3. Take a shower or bath
    4. listen to a Motivational Song (Imagine Dragons – Roots or Whatever it Takes are two of mine you can borrow) or YouTube Video.
  2. Find a positive and supportive professional to hold you accountable

    1. A Teacher, A coach, A spouse, A parent, doesn’t matter but they must be a Pro, Positive, & Supportive. If you have ever had a coach who isn’t a pro but has the best of intentions, you are still going to be out of luck.
    2. I do this, but anyone who is a real, dedicated and efficient Pro will do.
  3. Know Your Outcome

    1. What do you want to be a CHAMPION at? This is how you do it, figure out what you want to achieve, connect with why it is important and then follow steps 1, 2, & 3 until you are ready to move on to the next hurdle.
    2. I have a few other articles and Blogs which can teach you how to do this if you find difficulty at any time, please reach out to me for help!


What do you do differently then next day if you want to Live Like a Champion? You don’t change a damn thing. You wake up and follow a successful Pattern; if the pattern worked for them, it can work for you too.





James is a Human Behavioral Specialist skilled in Linguistics, NLP, Mentalism, & Psychology creating content so YOU WILL “Be your own HERO.” -James Pesch

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Alright, we are live, I’m going, live again at 8:15 to talk about something entirely different business-related how to boost your seo overnight and I went ahead, included the link to the companies that I will be talking about end quote., net right there. You can see it next to me here on the screen. I’m bad at knowing which side 2.2, because the green screen effect is I’m, not a weatherman right in quote., net and vinton. Web.Com and I will talk about both of those incredible local developers who have created amazing things that can help your business, but first things. First, we’re going to talk about living like a champion and that’s what today is about what a better day than a thursday to talk about. You know the end of the work week talk about living like a champion and the reasoni want to talk about. This is because of my own experience as someone who came in runner-up for the manager of the year award for my company and then the very following year, winning first place in that category and knowing what it’s like to do that so hey good morning. Welcome this morning, glad to have you here. If you have time, please go on over to james patch.Com and you can actually follow along with the blog or you can look at the blog for today. I am wearing my hub gym t-shirt today, supporting a local business owner, luca ones over at the hub. He created these, for me, he’s also a digital marketer, a design guy and he’s incredible so really like that guy. If you haven’t, had a chance to get ahold of some of my mailers. These things are awesome, so love that and we are about to get started weight for a few hey good morning, kathy good to have you this morningwe’re, going to wait a few more seconds here for a few more people to join, and then we will get started really excited about this hey. If your company is looking for a speaker, please give them. My information. I am looking to do more corporate training right now, I’m, really pretty much tapped out on how many more coaching clients I can take on, but speaking engagements I need to get that more filled up. So if you know anybody who’s, looking for speaker, I am looking to do more speaking engagements now more than ever. So anybody else going to join us this morning and we will get started all right, all right, living, like, a champion. So what I discovered from a very young age was that there were certain days whenever it just seems like everything went right, and there were certain days whenever it seems like nothing, went right and over a long time of really analyzing what the difference was between when I had good days and when I had bad days. What I found was that it wasn’t most often the circumstances that I faced. It wasn’t most often the trials and obstacles the barriers that made my life more difficult. The thing that made my life more difficult was when I didn’t prepare for those trials, obstacles as barriers, so I learned how to follow three simple steps in order to maintain a white where I live like a champion, and that’s first thing in the morning when I wake up first thing that I do is take a really really hot shower or bath and I listened intently. Focus. All my attention on me and my day and making sure that I get my mind right and I do that by listening to two different songs are one of them is roots by imagine dragons and the other one whatever it takes by imagine dragons? Those are both really great songs for me to get me motivated to get me connected to who I am one of my coaching clients like the song by eminem I’m, not afraid, which I think I thought. That was a great song. We listened to it while during one of our coaching sessions-and let me tell you something-it was powerful to watch his physiology change from when he was feeling like he had self-doubt and then going from that state of feeling like he had self-doubt to immediately his mindset. You can just see him change its physiology, starting to feel more powerful, so you that is actually with that folded anchoring. So what you do is you use that auditory anchor to set your mindset in order to do everything else that you need to do for the day hey good morning guys we got a lot of people watching this morning. So the next thing that you want to do is make sure that you find a supportive and positive professional to help you stay on track. So you know that you are going to have times whenever you don’t follow that pattern, and you don’t do the things that you need to do in order to set your mindset we have whatever life gets in the way. That’s just how it goes. So if you have a coach, a teacher, a spouse, a friend someone who is a by nature, they do that stay, have this capacity to follow systems that somebody that you want to access and have them to help coach you through those tough times whenever you forget to follow the system. So what that coach will do is help. You find your system, the successful model that works for you that helps you get to success, and then they will duplicate that put that that model down on paper and they will help you implement that model successfully into your life day after day. The last thing is too for sure know:you’re out I’m, so as you’re meditating or praying or thinking about your day and you’re. Listening to those song, whether it’s I’m not afraid by eminem, or whether it’s imagine-dragons-whatever-it-takes you start to think about you and i, know you’re out,.

How do I want to make people feel today when I approach, my situation’s? How would a champion was? How would somebody who wants to do the best for people and help people in the best and biggest way and have the most effect on them? How would they watch? How would they talk? How would they present themselves and when they spoke? What are the types of things that they would say to others? So you have to be really clear about knowing your outcome and once you do that, once you follow those three steps guys, it’s really easy to live your life like a champion and remember that, the day after you, when that’s when it matters, that’s whenever you live, like, a, champion, winning and becoming a champion is great but living. Like a champion is where you really start to stand out and you really become the cream of the crop, so use this strategy to help you and empower you to be your own hero and share it and tag a friend that needs to be their own hero and to start to develop systems to enable them to do greater things in their lives as if you need any help. Today, please reach out to me i, like i, said my coaching schedule is getting full speaking and training I still have some opportunities there, but reach out to me if you need any help getting through over any obstacles are barriers today in your life, because you deserve to do great things. You are an excellent person and I’m here to tell you that if anybody else has told you you can’t yet maybe not the way that you were trying. But yes, you can alright, be your own hero and have a great day

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