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My Personal Journey

In February of 2012, I weighed just over 300lbs. I decided to change my life through nutrition and exercise. I did. I decided to help others. I did.

  • I ran a marathon without training.
  • I finished a triathlon.
  • I created a profitable business in 90 days, TWICE.
  • I raised my credit score 100 points in 12 months.
  • I created a sales program increasing closing rates by 100%.

Others couldn't do what I could do. I was frustrated and confused until I discovered the SCIENCE of SUCCESS and that's when Tulsa became the first city to experience the impact Linguistics can have on Behavior.

But enough about me...

This really isn't about me and my journey. You are here to learn how to unlock the potential that you have within yourself. You are here to realize that you are your own hero. You are made up of dreams and goals that are just waiting to be realized. 

Often, in life, we are held back by our personal fears and anxiety. People lose a sense of control and they need to be coached beyond their circumstance and put on a path to success.

So, if you have a history that is holding you back...

If you have a circumstance that is looming over your dreams...

If you need help gaining control over...

  • your life
  • your finances
  • your relationships

Then let's get to work.

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“. . .James helps people with things like fear of speaking, life goals, or obstacles that you just can't see yourself overcoming. . ."  - Heather Fry, CPA


This foundational exercise is guaranteed to help you gain clarity and understanding of your goals
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