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How To Build Powerful Influence: 3 Fast Steps

By James Pesch / March 26, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS 3 STEPS to BUILD POWERFUL INFLUENCE DISCLAIMER: **These techniques and methods are extremely POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL, EVEN AS A TULSA SALES TRAINER, I always assess and take priority in ensuring that the emotional and mental state of the person you are influencing is healthy. However, if you...

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3 Steps to Discovering Your Purpose

By James Pesch / March 24, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS 3 STEPS TO DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE INTRO Some people begin their journey with an internal drive, others are inspired by seeing this passion on the face and in the eyes of someone we respect, and yet some of us are looking to be inspired and to find...

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How To Gain Control In 3 Steps

By James Pesch / March 21, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS HOW TO GAIN CONTROL IN 3 STEPS INTRO How many times have you wished you could gain more control? What comes to mind first? As you think now about the time or times you have wanted control, which events rush into your mind fastest and could have turned...

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3 Steps To Remove The Past

By James Pesch / March 19, 2018
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INTRO Ok, I know this sounds silly or maybe even “spooky,” a bit like magic, but fear NOT, it is not; it is SO MUCH BETTER. Let’s face it, I could write a 10,000-word thesis explaining HOW & WHY this FAST 3 STEP TECHNIQUE to REMOVE PAST works scientifically &...

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