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Mondays Need a Makeover

By James Pesch / May 22, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS Monday Sept 16, 2013 ***THROWBACK BLOG*** TULSA EXECUTIVE BUSINESS COACH & CONSULTANT, but once upon a time. . . INTRO My wife and I recently left jobs that brought in 6 figures to pursue happiness. I am not saying you can’t make 6 figures and be happy, but...

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Living Intentionally

By James Pesch / May 20, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS LIVING INTENTIONALLY Stoicism Living Intentionally? What does that ambiguous and vague snatch of words actually mean to a thinking person? In order to truly engage with what this might mean, it might do us some good to take a trip to Ancient Greece. Meet our Hero, Epictetus,...

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Tips to a healthier you

5 Tips to a Healthier You

By James Pesch / May 19, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS 5 TIPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU INTRO This Blog entry comes from an entry I wrote back in 2015 for an entirely different audience in an entirely different industry, however, I truly believe that everyone can benefit, regardless of their goals or industry specific obstacles by implementing...

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The Complacency Cancer

By James Pesch / May 18, 2018
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS THE COMPLACENCY CANCER ***THIS IS A THROWBACK BLOG FROM 2013*** INTRO When I was in 5th grade, we had an art contest.  Your art had to be based upon a scene from a book.  I drew a scene from White Fang by Jack London and I won;...

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