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Your Values Drive Your Decisions James Pesch NLP Life Coach Tulsa Hypnotist

Your Values Drive Your Decisions

By James Pesch / November 25, 2019
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Science of Success YOUR VALUES DRIVE YOUR DECISIONS ABSTRACT to CONCRETE Most of my clients know intuitively they have a set of core values, but the sneaky aspect of our values is that they tend to be mostly internal models of what we hold important to ourselves; our minds store...

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Should You be a Stoic?

By James Pesch / November 18, 2019
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Science of Success SHOULD YOU BE A STOIC? “Our rational nature moves freely forward in its impressions when it: accepts nothing false or uncertain;directs its impulses only to acts for the common good;limits its desires and aversions only to what’s in its own power;embraces everything nature assigns it.” -Marcus Aurelius,...

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Avoiding Ego Trap You Not Real NLP Business Life Coach James Pesch Public Speaker Stoic Philosophy

Avoiding the Ego Trap: “You” isn’t Real

By James Pesch / November 9, 2019
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Science of Success AVOIDING THE EGO TRAP: “YOU” ISN’T REAL “You” isn’t real. This seems to be nonsensical even crazy, but consider it. The idea you have of who you are and the idea others have of who you are doesn’t actually exist moment to moment as a concrete or...

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Why do we Know Like Trust Others NLP Life Coach Tulsa James Pesch

Why Do We Know, Like, & Trust Others?

By James Pesch / November 8, 2019
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SCIENCE OF SUCCESS WHY DO WE KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST OTHERS? Relating to One Another People do business with those they Know, Like, Trust & Value. What is rapport? How do we bond? Is empathy a factor? What causes us to actually let down our defenses and let someone into...

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